About the Live To Be Program

"Am I doing what’s best? Am I being the person I want to be? I know that I have the power.”

A "Living Above" Approach to Life

In 2016, Live To Be was brought to Montana schools by 501c3 group, Bikers Against Bullies USA to face real-life issues they were having from elementary students to high school age teens. Jared Blake spent a week visiting state schools affecting the lives of thousands of students. Messages flooded in from students proud of their achievements, humbled at the moments shared together, and many troubled kids who now seemed hopeful and gained a desire to achieve a better life.

Jared and BABUSA's "Flash" rode motorcycles into the gymnasiums, threw free goodies to the students, and hosted mini-concerts along with their anti-drug, alcohol, and bullying messages. Jared Blake also performed several concerts to raise money for the continued efforts of Bikers Against Bullies USA.

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