Jared Blake Pre-Visit with Bikers Against Bullies Article

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Bikers Against Bullies & Live To Be

Our school will be having the opportunity to have BABUSA’s Flash and Jared Blake speak to our students. They will be hosting mini-concerts along with their anti-drug, alcohol, and bullying messages.

Bikers Against Bullies USA is a not-for-profit group, created by bikers, but not limited to bikers, that is committed to creating awareness and educating both children and adults on the benefits of living in a society of respect for each other combined with self-empowerment. They strive to create a society in which mutual respect will create a new role model for others. You can learn more about BABUSA by visiting www.bikersagainstbulliesusa.com.

For this upcoming event, BABUSA has partnered with country music singer Jared Blake’s Live To Be program. It was established with the goal to help our youth discover their unique path, free from the use of drugs or alcohol. Live To Be is a concept that empowers today’s youth to “fill in the blank” with their own goal for life. Learn more by visiting www.livingtobe.org.

Inspired by this real-life experience, Jared Blake gets serious about drunk driving in his new video for Don't Let Her Be Gone. You can check out the music video below:

Please check our school calendar to see when they will be visiting. We encourage you to open up a conversation with your child about bullying before and after the event.

Watch the video below to see Bikers Against Bullies USA & Live To Be 2016 Tour:

Visit their education partner Treatment-Centers.net for questions and information about drugs, alcohol, effects and treatment resources at http://treatment-centers.net. Call 844-812-HOPE to speak with a counselor now.